We want your luxury chalet holiday to be special, a highlight of your year. But equally, we know that taking a group of ten or more on holiday can be anything but simple. How will you all travel? What equipment does everyone need to hire? Will the chef be able to handle our dietary requirements? Phew… wasn’t this supposed to be a holiday…

That’s where our Concierge service comes in. We will work with you and your group to plan your dream chalet holiday and then make it happen.

On booking we’ll schedule a call to discuss your itinerary and start to get to know your group. We would often recommend we also speak directly with other friends or family who are coming – we know our clients have busy lives so let us pull the details together for you.


Our concierge specialists understand that your time is valuable which is why we try to get to know our clients, so that we can anticipate your needs and make personalised recommendations for you. We also offer an exclusive membership service where one of our specialists will travel to meet you in person to plan the details of your holiday at your offices, favourite restaurant or even the comfort of your own home.


We can help advise on the most suitable scheduled routes but we also have partnerships with private jet operators for those needing the utmost in luxury and flexibility. We can then offer a range of transport options to resort from regular minibuses to chauffeur services in executive vehicles. Heli transfers are also possible which are not only fast and convenient but also afford you the most spectacular views of the Alps.


Lift passes waiting for your arrival is a luxury chalet holiday essential. You don’t really need to ask. For equipment purchase or rental we work with local providers who we vet for the quality of their equipment and the professionalism of their fitting service. Most clients choose to have equipment delivered to their chalet but of course we can take you to their shop if you prefer the traditional experience.


We work with some great private nannies, many of whom have experience of working in private households or in other luxury hospitality environments. We can also arrange private language tutoring for clients who want their children to benefit from an immersive experience during their time in France.


A day on the mountain wouldn’t be complete without lunch in a warm retreat or whilst soaking up the sun on a terrace. Our local experts know the best locations, and where the best chefs are working each year. If you are looking for something truly special we can even arrange private meals in hidden mountain lodges for a unique Alpine experience.


We offer an extensive wine list as part of our catered package, but for discerning guests we are also able to offer access to an extensive selection of fine wines from various private cellars. We can also work with your team should you wish to ship your own wines or release directly from storage.


Whether you are simply celebrating a special occasion or hosting a large corporate event, our team of local experts can help you put it together in style. We can host up to 26 in adjoining premises – more in split locations – and can help manage the logistics from the point of travel onwards. For personal events, we have hosted large parties and unique weddings including mountain top services.


If you are looking to invest in a luxury chalet our team can also help. Find out more by speaking to our Property Consultancy Team.

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