We first created Kaiseki — a Japanese fine dining experience — over 3 years ago. Since then we have refined our signature ‘restaurant experience’ which is now synonymous in our industry as a benchmark for haute cuisine in the Alps.

Made from the freshest ingredients, using specific cooking skills and techniques, Kaiseki is internationally recognised as being one of the most prestigious of all dining experiences. It has, at its core, a deep rooted set of philosophies and guidelines, many of which have influenced western chefs’ approaches to cuisine and the Art of Dining.

California sushi roll, wasabi mayo, pickled ginger, soy & lime dipping sauce

Prosecco Bel Star (Italy)
The perfect aperitif to cleanse the palette ahead of the fusion of flavours to come. The effervescence will stand up to the powerful wasabi and ginger flavours allowing you to enjoy every mouthful.

Bonito & kombu scallop sashimi, panko prawns, trout roe, yuzu mayonnaise, chili, coriander

Domaine Paul Thomas ‘Les Comtesses’ (France)
Sancerre is a classic pairing for scallops – we have chosen this wine for its rich citrus flavours that are complete on the palette yet still cut through the yuzu and chili in this dish.

Miso soup, edamame tofu, wakame seaweed, spring onion

Allram Grüner Veltliner Strassertaler (Austria)
This is a fantastic wine from a little known region in Austria, it has a pepperiness to the nose and taste which perfectly compliments the saltiness of the miso soup.

Pork & vegetable gyoza, ponzu dipping sauce, Asian slaw

Domaine Mucyn Les Entrecoeurs Rouge (France)
Wines from Crozes-Hermitage often exhibit a beautiful balance between the rich fruity flavours of the Syrah grape, tempered by the traditional vinification techniques of this region. For us this makes it a perfect accompaniment for pork.

Smoked teriyaki duck breast, duck broth, braised daikon, pickled shallot, shiitake mushrooms

Veyrat La Tikal Rousse (France)
A twist perhaps, but trust us. La Tikal Rousse is a light red ale made in the Alps. The mix of exotic fruits, caramelization and a slight bitterness, combine wonderfully on the palate with the broth. Taste the duck first then combine a small sip in the mouth for the full effect.

Plum wine & lychee jelly, green tea doughnut, lime sorbet, passion fruit coulis

Telmo Rodriguez MR (Spain)
To finish we have chosen this dessert wine from Spain. Wonderfully sweet with notes of honey, this is much lighter than many dessert wines which means the delicate taste of lychee isn’t overpowered. A fantastic finish.